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Ana Amari, mother of Pharah, was the world's best sniper and mom- until she got shot by Widowmaker. The world thinks she's dead, but she's in the shadows, protecting the ones she loves most.


An omnic who was discarded in the woods, Bastion woke up one day, and set around to roam the world peacefully. Although he can easily cause mass destruction, all he wants to do is explore nature.


When Korea's shorelines were destroyed, they programmed new Mechs to protect the country, but couldn't find any pilots. So they recruited 19 year old world-class Starcraft gamer Hana Song, AKA D.Va, to fight the omnics.


Akande Ogundimu, the successor of a gauntlet that could level cities with one punch. He was the leader of terrorist organization Talon before he was imprisoned. Now free, he seeks revenge.


A cyber-ninja, this playboy was a part of a powerful crime family- the Shimadas. But sadly, he was taken out by his own brother but saved by Angela Ziegler. Still coming to terms with his robot body, he hopes to find peace.


The master of the Shimada family, he was hired to take out his own brother. Believing he was dead, Hanzo felt an overwhelming amount of grief and guilt, and now works to fight against crime.


Alongside his buddy Roadhog, Junkrat found a valuable secret laying in Australia's Outback- and then, it blew up, turning Australia into a wasteland. Nobody knows what this secret is, except for Junkrat.


A musical sensation across the globe, Lucio Correia dos Santos's music and purpose, to fight huge corporations taking people's homes away, have made him an instant hit with everyone around the world.


Once part of the Deadlock Gang, he was captured by Overwatch, and instead of rotting in prison, decided to join their Blackwatch team to undergo secret missions. McCree's deadly aim makes him a valuable asset.


A scientist dedicated to finding out why climate change is happening, she headed up to Antartica with her team- where a blizzard struck, and the squad had to freeze themselves to live. Sadly, only Mei survived.


A doctor against fighting and war, Angela Ziegler travels to warzones across the globe to heal injured people- and maybe even resurrect the dead.


Orisa, a young robot made from scraps of destroyed OR14s, was created to help protect the city of Numbani from the omnincs. She is still learning exactly how the world works, though.


An Egyptian woman, she grew up surrounded by Overwatch heroes like her mother. She eventually joined a security team where she got her trademark Raptora suit, which makes her fly.


Gabriel Reyes, the Blackwatch Commander of Overwatch, had a fight to the death with Jack Morrison, that ended with him being saved by Mercy. He's responsible for many terrorist attacks around the world.


An old Overwatch hero, Reinhardt's German engineered armor and sense of nobility made him a classic knight in shining armor- until Overwatch was disbanded. Now, he is old, but he refuses to retire.


Junkrat's buddy and partner in crime, Roadhog and Junkrat both hate Omnics, and have gone on an international crime spree across the globe.

Soldier 76.

Jack Morrison, the leader and the face of Overwatch, has become Soldier 76, a biologically modified super-soldier with the ability to hit anything.


Olivia Colomar, a hacker from the streets of Dorado. Using her elite skills, she hacks into organizations, finds information, and blackmails powerful figures for her own, shady purposes.


Satya Vaswani, an autistic woman with the powerful ability to bend light. She was hired as an architect to help reconstruct cities that had been damaged by the Omnic Crisis.


A small, Swedish engineer, Torbjorn Lindholm created many dangerous weapons and omnics that have been scattered across the globe. He hopes to collect, and destroy, every single one.


Lena Oxford, a test pilot for an experimental craft gone wrong- she now has the unique ability to control and jump through time and space, though only for a short time.


Amelie Lacroix, a beautiful French dancer, captured by Talon, and brainwashed into the perfect assassin. She killed her husband, and many others, rising to the top sniper in the world.


A gorilla from a colony on the moon, Winston has a profound love for humans and technology that makes him a big, nerdy sweetheart when it comes to humans.


Aleksandra Zaryanova is the strongest woman on Earth. Her home of Russia was ravaged by the omnics, and she hopes to kill every last one.


A traveling nomad and avid peacebringer, he hopes to help people find peace with themselves, helping anyone he comes across- like Genji.