Types of Games

There are so many types of games out there! How do you find the right one for you?
MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
An example of a MOBA
MOBAs are teamwork games, where you play infinitely against other players and teams on different maps and characters! Example MOBAs include:
-Dota 2
-League of Legends (shown)
-Heroes of the Storm
RPG - Role Playing Game
An example of an RPG
Role Playing Games are where you play as an ogre, dragon, old-age warrior, knight, or anything like that. You're whatever you want to be! Example RPGs include:
-World of Warcraft (shown)
-Dark Souls
-Diablo III
-Fallout 4
Adventure - Explore and have fun
An example of an Adventure Game
Adventure games are where you run around and explore the land- there might be monsters, castles, etc. You never know! Example Adventure games include:
-Minecraft (shown)

Simulation - Do whatever you want
An example of a Simulation Game
Simulation games are games where you can whatever you want! Example games include:
-Sims 3
-Sims 4
-Goat Simulator
-GTA 5 (shown)

Puzzle - Solve puzzles
An example of a Puzzle Game
You solve puzzles in puzzle games, and there are many levels to unlock and have fun with. Examples include:
-Puzzles and Dragons
-Flow Free (shown)

Shooter - Shoot things
An example of a Shooter Game
In shooter games, you're a shooter in war. You aim and pick people off. Example shooters include:
-Black Ops
-Call of Duty (shown)

Combat - Fight Things
An example of a Combat Game
In combat, you choose a character and you can have close combat against a computer or a real person! Examples include:
-Mortal Combat (shown)
-Marvel vs. Capcom
-Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse
RTS - Real Time Strategy

An example of a RTS
Real Time Strategy games are strategy games that don't progress in turns, like other strategy games do. You play against real people or bots, and you have to come up with tactics to victory. Examples include:
-Age Of Empires II
-Starcraft (shown)
-Halo Wars 2.