Where did video games come from?

Video games first originated in Georgia, Brookhaven. A brilliant scientist, named William Higinbotham,
worked at a laboratory called Brookhaven's National Laboratory. Every year, there was an Annual Visitors' Day, where they
put all their new toys, gagdets and other things like that on display. But these displays were really quite
boring- so William Higinbotham decided to make something that would wow visitors.

How did he make the first video game?

He had a small little computer that could display curves. Since Higinbotham worked on radar displays and other
electronic devices, programming this little analog computer to make the curve of a bouncing tennis ball was not hard.

How did you play the first video game?

It was called Tennis For Two- two players could take turns hitting the ball back and forth. You had to turn a knob to
adjust the angle of the ball, and push a button to hit it. If you timed it correctly, you hit it, but if you didn't, it bounced off the screen or hits the net.

The first ever video game

The first ever video game.

How have video games advanced since Tennis For Two?

Not only do we have better graphics now, but we have a much larger variety of games, controllers and consoles. Instead of simply
turning a knob and pressing a button, we have complex controllers with lots of buttons that allow our character
to move freely, attack, or even eat. Instead of just tennis, we have a huge variety of games like Call of Duty, Diablo III, and Minecraft.
And lastly, we have a bunch of consoles instead of just an analog computer. We have computer games, phone games, Xbox games, Wii games, and so much more.
We've really advanced from just that simple, two-player tennis game that this all started from.