House Targaryen-
Words: "Fire and Blood."
Sigil: 3 headed red dragon on a black field
Stronghold: Dragonstone
Region: Mereen
Facts: The three headed dragon stands for Aegon the conquerer and his two sisters.

House Baratheon (extinct)-
Words: "Ours is the Fury."
Sigil: Crowned black stag on a gold field
Stronghold: Storm's End
Region: The Stormlands
Facts: They are the youngest great house.

House Martell-
Words: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken."
Sigil: Red sun pierced by a golden spear on a yellow field.
Stronghold: Sunspear
Region: Dorne
Facts: They are the only house not to be conquered by the Targaryens.

House Stark-
Words: "Winter is Coming."
Sigil: Grey direwolf racing across a white field.
Stronghold: Winterfell
Region: The North
Facts: Were once the Kings of the North.

House Lannister-
Words: "Hear Me Roar."
Sigil: A golden lion on a crimson field.
Stronghold: Casterly Rock
Region: The Westernlands

House Tyrell-
Words: "Growing Strong."
Sigil: A golden rose on a green field.
Stronghold: Highgarden
Region: The Reach

House Greyjoy-
Words: "We Do Not Sow."
Sigil: A golden kraken on a black field.
Stronghold: Pyke
Region: The Iron Islands

House Tully-
Words: "Family, Duty, Honor."
Sigil: A leaping silver trout on blue and red.
Stronghold: Riverrun
Region: The riverlands

House Arryn-
Words: "As High As Honor."
Sigil: A white moon and falcon on a blue field.
Stronghold: The Eyrie
Region: The Vale