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Mary likes to eat, and loves cats. After a long, hard day of being a janitor for a middle school, she comes home and watches funny cat videos on Youtube.


Jane's favorite activity is sitting at the park and watching children compete in national hot dog eating championships. Her father was a national hot dog eating champion, but sadly he passed away from eating too many. She gets very, very, very sad if you bring this up. She will begin eating hot dogs instead of doing her work. Please do not bring this up, as hot dogs are expensive and we only have four workers.


Ollie's mother was obessed with olives while pregnant with Ollie, and thought to name her child Ollie. He will get very angry if called Olive.


Chris gets very hostile if you pull his hair. Do not pull his hair. He spends at least 7 hours each night styling to perfection.

Last But Not Least..


Dog is a very important member of this team. She is the most attractive and the hardest working. Instead of money, we give her expensive wigs, as Dog likes to dress up as a drag queen.