What is a Profiler?

A profiler is a person who records a person's psychological and behavioral characteristics, to assess or predict their capabilities.

Why do I want to be a profiler?

Well, for one thing, it's cool, and I really like psychology. I could study people's behavior and find out things about them that even they don't know. Also, I could work for the FBI and help catch criminals. Also, it pays around $105,897 a year in California.

Why is profiling cool?

I could profile people in my every day life. I could look at my mom and predict everything she does. It's just kind of helpful, I think. And funny. It would be funny when she does exactly what I predicted she would do.

What do you need to be one?

Graduate from high school, 4 years in either forensics, criminal justice, psychology, or another related course, attend law enforcement academy, and get experience in the field.